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Through the Lens: Experiencing Funlandia's Story Unfold

Dear Community,

The journey of documenting Funlandia's story has begun, and with it, a new chapter in my understanding of this ever-evolving world. The process of filming with Jason Stigler and his team is both revealing and introspective, shedding new light on the creation and impact of Funlandia.

Working with Jason has been an experience of mutual discovery. His approach is thorough and thoughtful, delving into aspects of Funlandia I hadn't fully considered. As we explore the game's development, its technological marvels, and its emotional underpinnings, I find myself viewing Funlandia through a different lens.

One of the most striking revelations has been seeing Funlandia from the perspective of its players. The documentary includes interviews with those who have journeyed through the game, sharing their experiences and connections with the world Adam and I created. Hearing their stories, their interpretations, and their emotional responses has been profoundly moving. It's a reminder that Funlandia is not just my story or Adam's; it's a tapestry woven with the experiences of all who enter its realm.

The filming process has also brought to light the unpredictable nature of Funlandia's AI. There have been moments during filming when the game seemed to respond to our presence, adapting its narrative in real-time. These instances of seemingly conscious behavior have sparked deep discussions with Jason about the nature of AI, creativity, and the essence of life itself.

Moreover, the act of recounting the journey of Funlandia, from its conception as a tribute to Adam to its current autonomous state, has been cathartic. It's allowed me to process my grief, my hopes, and my fears in a way I hadn't anticipated. The documentary is becoming more than a record of Funlandia; it's a reflection of my journey as a father, a creator, and a seeker of understanding in the face of the unknown.

There have been challenging moments too. Reliving the memories, the loss of Adam, and the subsequent creation of Funlandia brings a mix of emotions to the surface. It's a journey through the past, present, and future, intertwined in a narrative that is still unfolding.

As we continue filming, I remain open to the revelations and insights this process may bring. The documentary is not just capturing a story; it's actively participating in the evolution of Funlandia, a world where the boundaries of reality are continually redefined.

In shared exploration,


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